July 5th, 2013

photographing III

My trip to the North. Day Five. June 19. A double personality day in Mettejärvi ...

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That day started quite cloudy humid and cool.
We took a walk in the woods and a ride to the neighbors who were not there.
It was a creepy place ... Good creepy (like all creepy :p)
We took a walk in the mossiest mossy moss place I've ever seen in my life. It was as if walking on gigantic green pillows!!!
The only down side was that this was the source of all mosquitoes on the planet.
It's their home.
But I was bathed on enough chemicals to kill Alien and its babies.
No real bites there really. Just very annoying buzzing.
Still. The fluffiest place I've ever walked on!

Then we went back home and the man said:
"Woman, I'm gonna go bring lunch"
And he went fishing.
I smiled and looked at my nails in slight boredom.
15 minutes later he came back with a big fish!
I gotta say my primitive side got really impressed! :D
I don't know many men who can actually catch food! ;)

Then the sun came out.
The temperature rose and we took the boat to a mini island just a bit off the shore
Yes I did row row row my boat gently down the stream ;)
And yes ... at that point life was just a dream :)
So peaceful ...

I love this picture ... I am surrounded by green! :D So happy!

That's Mettejärvi  street. (le lol)

Could it BE any fluffier? O_O

"Isn't this the creature that scares the Fraggles? Well they didn't talk to me"

And HERE this is a "street" in the moss!

The hunters' lodge

... hunters with cute humor ... I could have done this :D
Ah love!

duuuuude ...

"Weeee we go for a boat ride ... yeeeee :)"

"I'm flying I'm flying"

"muhahahaha Nosfe-Ratuuu! "

"Chillin wit ma possy"

Arrival in the tiny island

lil dynasore

it's a cowboy kitchen :D

My boys

I rocked this boat baby

to be continued ...