April 4th, 2014

the early years

Enter the 40s ...

And there it was. Yesterday I turned 40.
I celebrated with my only blood relatives, the two women in my life. We ate at a nice Thai Restaurant in my old hood, we drunk a nice Pinot and our food looked like pussy. Then we took a stroll and had a cup of coffee and a long nice chat. They both seemed happy :)

I went home to my roomie who got me a great present. For a man who doesn't drink beer, he sure knows how to buy it for me :)

I also got these two awesome books from Rune.
The Arctic Adventure is one of the books I had on my to read list for sometime, and someone was paying attention when I was talking about my fascination to the north :)

The Tenant is a book I knew nothing about up until recently. I had a lil chat with N.R.Grey about the movie, and he pointed out that the book is awesome. So I put it on my birthday wish list. Someone was listening still :) So I got this one too!!!

Quiet and calm I entered a new stage in life.
I had a pumpkin beer and started reading my Arctic Adventure ...

TONIGHT though. I am meeting my friends at a bar, the majority of which is men.
Not all of them can make it, as I am informed, some are abroad and some working. Otherwise it would be a
gargantuan sausage fest and would maybe look a lil weird.
A couple of women will show up hopefully (oldest and dearest friends Anna and Samantha).

I am expecting drunkenness and my inner boy ... (which is usually out but no one can see him because I have a vagina) to go pretty loud and wild :D

After that, I have promised to myself to celebrate the entire April ... I already have a good plan for this sunday ... ;)

But first things first ...
For now ... We pretty. We out :D <3