September 11th, 2015


Goodbye awesome summer of 2015

Amongst other things ...

I took walks South of The South of Stockholm

Fashioned the Australian Cowboy Hat

Visited the Royal Pet Cemetery

Saw some deer in the city

I rode a Rollercoaster after 28 years
Yes yes, for 6 year olds sure! But this is how old I turn when I enter an amusement park! Thanks to Michelle, I might eventually ride the rides for the older kids in a few years.

Played with big guns ...

Went to the country side

Discovered the awesome Mini Golf Court 5 minutes from my place

I saw Peter Hook, Live in Stockholm.
It was a trip to music history live and loud!
I got so bloody sentimental!
When they played "Isolation" and "She's lost control" Oh man! I almost cried!
Damn my post punk upbringing! :)
This was a really beautiful night! Me happy!

I got a pair of insane shoes!

aaaaaaaand ......