January 9th, 2016


Christmas 2015

(before christmas dinner)

Around the christmas season ...
I saw My family a lot

The Gothnest got a wee bit of decorations

On christmas eve, we were 15 people around the table.
After all this death and all this loss, it is good to have a good chrsitmas again.
My sister's kids have finally become people
(meaning they are grown up teenagers who secretly drink alcohol),
so finally I am not annoyed by them.
The eldest niece, who looks like a beautiful version of Lady Gaga, was even talking about micropenis!!!
The youngest now looks like a boy, wearing flanel and listens to alternative electronic indie pop.
In just 6 months they became people! So weird.
Ah, I so enjoyed My familly this year. Only pics of Me and My mom though ;)

Aaand travelled an hour with the bus to go home, but It's ok.
One is getting used to the distances.
 I get time in My head to write new songs :)
(Oh yeah, amongst other things, I got another ticket for the Mall of Scandinavia to watch Star Wars again, weeeee :D )

(after christmas dinner)


2015 in n a nutshell

I am 41 years old and damn I look good.
My life only really started a year ago so I am a todler
Therefore I am allowed all the indiscretions and deserve all the spoils
I am now happy for real ... finally!
Although I had to make some people sad, including myself,
in order to move on and find Me out. It was all for the best in the end.

I know that now.
Life in a nutshell this year .... surreal.
I have servants and slaves and pets and one pet in particular I own and adore ... and I am not talking about a cat.
The life before this one was a hazy dream ...
The life before Me ... is so sharp it cuts like a blade!


slave nuber 37 ... or something like that


quite symbolic ...

Miss Goody Two shoes