June 2nd, 2021


Social distansing ftw

Dear diary.

I just sat through a brain-rotting, mindbogglingly boring meeting online.
If it wasn't for corona I would have been forced to physically be there, amongst PEOPLE.
You have no idea what physical and psychological stress shit like that cause me.
I do not know if there is anything in the world I LOATHE more than be forced to participate in group activities with strangers.

My version of hell is not fire, anal probing and lava baths.
My version of hell, is a room full of stangers sitting on desks, looking at some dude or dudes who is blabbing away about whatever, taking coffy breaks, drinking crappy coffy and making small talk. On a loop.

That part of corona has been a blessing for me!
I really hope we can keep this part of the new world going.
We really do NOT need to travel places and physically be in rooms full of assh... eh ... strangers, in order to get some information or exchange some papers.
If we don't have to actually DO stuff physically, then why the freak do we have to bloody meet?

Sure, there are some weirdos out there who want physical contact and have the need to meet other people for whatever reason.
Ok, let's have the OPTION then. Those who want can freaking go, those who don't can do it from home.
In that way, everyone that goes to meetings will meet people who actually want to be there.
Because the rest of us, who really dread such situations, in our heads, during the entire meeting, there is a freakin horror shit show on repeat, dolby sterreo surround.
Visions of brains exploding, mass shootings, pontaneous human combustions, earthquakes, explosions, flood and zombie attacks.
Plus, not paying any attention to the meeting anyway.

Wouldn't it be nice to go to a meeting with people who actually want to meet you an do not wish for your death? ;)

Just saying.