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Gothenburg here I come !!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going Gothenburg for 4 days. I’m leaving tomorrow! It’s going to be 6 hours drive. On Saturday we are going to Liseberg , a huuuuuuuuuuuuge Theme Park! Be prepared for some new exciting photos. And as my friend Anna said: when I’m back I’m gonna be 5 kilos lighter ….. I’ll be throwing up all the way to Gothenburg , I’ll be throwing up all day in the theme park and I’ll be throwing up all the way back to Stockholm. I can’t handle cars or amusement parks, I get so sea sick :( Hell, I get sea sick even when I’m walking …. So when I’ll be back I’ll look like a toothbrush (like Anna said lol)
But to hell with it, I’m SO bloody excited and happy going there I don’t care about the wooziness!!!

I found some pictures from Liseberg ..... it looks ENORMOUS O_o Its impossible to upload all those pictures on their actual size cause manina sama will kill me lol so here’s a small taste of what I’m gonna do ......

actually this freefall is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in a picture .... I think I’m gonna pee my pants when I see it live :s

so I guess I´m gonna setle for this theme after all while the others will throw their guts off on the free falls and the roller coasters brrrrrrrrrr ..... lol

Now THAT is more like ME!!! ;)
Tags: amusement park, gothenburg, liseberg, travelling

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