Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

We drank the best beer in the world :D

On  Saturday Ronnie and I had dinner with our lovely friends Samantha and Daniel.
We had the best time! We really did! It's been a long time since we've been with people whom with we share so many interests. (If it wasn't for the creepers it would almost be like an outer body experience :p)
We had the best food!  Keeping in mind that I say this rarely for other peoples' cooking other than Ronnie's, it was REALLY good!!! (We got some spices, we will try to imitate :D)
And also we had some really great beers from Daniel's exceptional stock!!!
And when I thought the evening couldn't get any better ... we had the best beer in the world!!!
No really ... it's not a manner of speaking! Literally the best beer in the world! :D

I know most of my friends here are alien to the idea of what a real beer is, and so they won't understand what  the big deal is!!!!
Sad sad people! :(
Don't you worry though! That's why I am here:) To educate :D
Here is some text I copied here to give you the main idea on why Westvleteren is the Holy Grail of Beer :D

"For this beer review, I thought I'd start at the very top of the heap ... at least the top of the heap in most beer aficionado's minds. This beer is, for many, the holy grail of beer. Perhaps this is because it is such a tremendous beer, by it's own merits, but I'd wager it's really at least in part the fact that this beer is so very rare and difficult to come by here in the U.S. In fact, you can't buy it in the States and this is by design. For that matter, you can't buy it anywhere else in the world either ... except for one location.
Being the most enigmatic of the seven (yes, only seven) authentic Trappist breweries in the entire world (six of which are in Belgium), the monks of
St. Sixtus of Westvleteren brew their beer for their own consumption and for limited sale out of the monastery brewery only. They strictly forbid retail sales of their beer. In this rare case, commercial success and the notion of market share doesn't apply. The monks brew in order to sustain themselves and their monastery - nothing beyond that is of concern. Not exactly the business model most breweries would adopt, but then ... this isn't most breweries.(read more)"

I never thought I'd try this beer anytime soon. I have read blogs and blogs and journals and stories and people's adventures to Belgium in order to get their hands on a bottle! And I always thought that it is near to impossible for me ever tasting this baby unless I travel there too.

Who knew that all I had to do was take the tube to Alvik ...

I think I cried a little when the first mouth of Westvleteren filled my soul!
It was more than I ever imagined! It was full and round and explosive it had this very gentle feel of roasted sugar and ... I can't really discribe it! But yes! I don't know what those Monks do to that beer. But it really is the best beer in the world!!!
I got to keep the bottle cap :D

And now yes indeed we have tried from all seven Trappist Breweries in existence. => zeven trappisten

Thank you Daniel for your generosity!

How do we top that now?!

I have no clue ...
... baby blood? (you know ... from Transylvania:p)

Ah! I really had a great time! Thank you Samantha for the great food and the entertainment. I will never forget: "tu du du du tu du du ta du COOL CATS!!!!!"
Tags: ale, westvleteren

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