Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

The Adventures of Darla the Pirate Ducky (macro phot)

So you know my thing about my small soft animal family.
I don't put many pictures of them here. Well you know how parents protect their kids from the internets :p

However, I don't mind showing off my plastic creatures.

Sooo, I got inspired by this lovely lady kilika
and her lovely album: The Adventures of Little Piggy

And decided to bring Ducky The Pirate Duck down from my *Haunted Tree and send her off to an adventure :)
(*a mini dead tree with creatures on it. pictures have been posted in the past)

That way I have a "carrot" to help me practice with the macro lens more ... even if it exhausts me:)

So here it is:

The Adventures of Darla the Pirate Ducky

Ducky just came down from the Haunted Tree. She is SO dirty!

"Oh Hello! Let me introduce myself: I am Darla, The Pirate Ducky! But my friends call me Ducky"

"I like snorkeling and cactus climbing"

Time for a bath ...

"Yes yes I am floating on my side ..."

Yeah she looks dead ...
But she can't float like other ducks :/

"Ah that's more like it ... I think I prefer trees to water ..."

"All clean and ready ... let's see where I'll go next ..."

to be continued ...
Tags: darla the pirate ducky, macro photorgaphy, photography practice
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