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I’m back online! The guests are gone!

For almost a week now I have in my hands this precious jewel!!!!
Eat your hearts out honest fans! (or . . . slow internet ppl) Wait forever for it to be released (in English I mean) HA!
The game is like a painting! The mood is unique! And it is ALL illegal! ( My not released yet version I mean heh) My dearest boyfriend made the cover (and the back lol)! Great job baby ;) I wanted to start selling it to ignorant kids but then again I want to keep the privilege to play the game FIRST!!! PLUSSSS have the cover that no one else has or will ever have! Muhahahaha! Suck my kaka Konami!
HA! I say!

Ps: I wish I could sent it to you M. but by the time I move my ass it will be old news lol
So . . . wait and enjoy the original cover . . . sometime this fall ;)

The game kicks ass!
Tags: games, silent hill, video games

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