Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

running path scouting ...

So yesterday I did not fall asleep when I put on
The Time Machine (1960).

No ... I fell asleep just before. I think I kind of fainted on the sofa. I though: okay lets put the next movie on ... but first let's ... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

I don't know what happened. I guess I was more tired than I thought. And today I woke up ridiculously late! I woke up 9:45. This is not me. I wake up earlyer than that.

Anywaaaay. Today is the opposite of yesterday ...
hahahaha ...
I mean, the "weather". Hahaha ... oh nice, I amuse myself.
Well yes quite. So, yesterday the sky and the light outside was moody and grey with a dash of orange (indicating strong winds) and it was snowing :D So, the thought of tea and biscuits, wine and cheese, movies and chocolate, was very inviting :D
Today on the other hand the sky is INSANELY blue - like only here can be - and the sun is burning bright with perfect 0°c degrees (32F

So today I am going to go scouting on my "running route", I want to see how slippery the paths
are and if they have cleaned any of them. I really need to start running again. And this is the best time of the year, perfect temperature for me. Although I enjoy running on the bright nights of the end of spring when the night birds go crazy :D

So, I'll go dye my hair FINALLY today, give them a red boost because now they have the colour of an old mustard drying in the sun, then I will put my rollers on and I will knit until they are ready. (could you have a MORE American housewife of the 50s picture?:p) And THEN, all refreshed with my red curls, I am going "running path scouting" and of course I'll bring my camera and come back with material. Today I want to try something new in my photographing style I have an idea.
Oh and I need to empty the card. I dreamt I was taking magnificent pictures (yes even in my dreams I'm taking pictures ... it is ridiculous) and then I filled the memory card and I couldn't take any more. (oh I wish all my bad dreams were like this one) And my new idea came from my dream so I am going to experiment :D
Let's see what happens.

toot ...
Tags: dear diary
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