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Everything goes to hell...
My sixth knitting work ... hand-warmers ... or ... 
31st-Mar-2011 05:49 pm
My sixth knitting work. Hand-warmers ... or arm-warmers ... or ... as my dear boyfriend said:
"a sweater without the sweater

Almost ready here

Extra parts
(I really have to learn how to make holes for buttons :s this is just a bad improvisation ... I got lazy)

A little demonstration before final toutches

Finishing up

Aaaaaaaaaaand ready!

Which brings me to ... I never posted any pictures of my fifth knit when it was ready.
My fuzzy scarf! Big success:D
It freaks me out a bit cause it looks alive >_<
But I like it :D
Here ya go ...

Not too shabby ey?

So far I am improvising, that is why everything looks kinda OFF ... but I'm actually only practicing still :D

I am happy though. My very first knit was so pathetic that I never thought I'd make ANYTHING else than bad scarfs :D

LAntichristo's Knitting


31st-Mar-2011 07:36 pm (UTC) - FABULOUS!!!!
I LOVE those gloves!! Good job! Liz and I just hit the craft store for cheap acrylic yarn (when she gets back from Hawaii, we're hitting the REAL yarn shops!) and I finally got a set of really small crochet hooks made of steel so I can make clothing that isn't bulky (she's demanding a 60's frock and 50's style bikini!!) I seriously have gone bananas in my quest for crochet. I LOVE that around the same time we picked up our hooks/needles and started making stuff. It seriously is SO calming! You have a good eye for your patterns and creations, I hope you're feeling proud of your work!

Le sigh...she and her husband leave in less than 24 hours, so Lily and I will be hanging out with the dogs for a week, watching movies, crochet, and playing outside...seriously, nothing says a holiday for me more than surrounded by dogs of all shapes and sizes...such a treat for me!

I joined an online crochet forum, and I bet they have one for knitters that will be extremely helpful for you. The help I have gotten in answers to my stitch questions has seriously put my mind at ease in my quest for creative perfection. Now it is just a matter of finding really cool vintage patterns. I am so pissed at the one I wanted off Ebay, that was nothing but DIVINE hats from the 30's and 40's, and it also included some patterns for purses. They seriously rivaled the hats from MGM movies, they were that fabulous and not tacky. I was on cloud 9. Well, the stupid bitch couldn't seem to locate the damn pattern and refunded my money....

I hope she gets a yeast infection!

Love ya! xoxoxo Christopher and Lily!
1st-Apr-2011 08:25 am (UTC) - Re: FABULOUS!!!!
:D Thanks honey. Well I am proud that I haven't given up. I still think I can do a bit better ;)
Yes it is funny we started similar hobbies at the same time. And YES is soooooooooooooooooooo relaxing.
It is one of the things that make me forget about my father and I don't feel shitty. Playing music is the other thing. But with knitting I don't care so much of my performance ;)
I am checking out this dude on youtube who has really easy tutorials on both knitting and crochet.
From all the chicks in the web who posted videos, he is the only one who helped me. And he is not even gay. It's outrageous ;)
Give him a chance.



1st-Apr-2011 09:28 am (UTC) - Re: FABULOUS!!!!
... also ... what I wouldn't give to spend the week with you and the dogs. Cooking wicked food, making funky clothes, watching crappy movies and taking breaks to honor the local breweries ... Ah damn it ... we both need a sugar daddy ... *sniff sniff*
(Deleted comment)
1st-Apr-2011 08:17 am (UTC)
thank you :)
1st-Apr-2011 01:38 am (UTC)
I love them both! :D
1st-Apr-2011 08:18 am (UTC)
Thank you babes :D
2nd-Apr-2011 06:17 pm (UTC)
I think you should knit for a living. Hehe. Start a little online shop. I'll be your first customer. XD
2nd-Apr-2011 09:23 pm (UTC)
Aw you are so sweet luv! But I don't think it would be relaxing anymore if I did that for a living ;)
But when I get better I'll make something for you for free ;)
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