Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Nevskij Prospekt

So, I am not a proud owner of many vinyl records. I have a small collection and if I had to choose I would choose a handful.
But now I have got in my hands a vinyl and CD
of one of my absolute favorite Swedish bands! Nevskij Prospekt.

Over 17 years I could only listen to  Nevskij Prospekt from an old dusted cassette tape that Ronnie had mailed to me back when I used to live in Athens and we used to send each other "mix-tapes". Yes, we are THIS old! ;) N.P. Was a band that caught me off guard! The lyrics were all in Swedish, so since I didn't speak a word of Swedish back then, I could not understand a thing, but it didn't really matter because I loved the music and the singer's voice was not only magical ... but unearthly! I still have a crush on her.

A couple of weeks ago, sweet Sarah came to my birthday gettogether and she brought her man Lars with.
As the night went on, Ronnie and I found out that Lars
used to play with  N.P. at some point in time ... when he told me I thought I had a little stroke ... I thought ... how small the world is!!!

Few days ago we all met again and this lovely lovely man came bearing gifts. The vinyl and a cd ...

I am in Awe!!!!
A thank you is not enough!

Tags: music, nevskij prospekt

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