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Osama+dead ...

It took me 15 hours, after it was announced, to find out ...
Osama bin laden is finally dead!
I avoid reading the news because they make me really angry, but this is a proof that sometimes there are good news.
Last night when I run to the convenient store for a quick purchase at around 21:30 before closing, I saw with the corner of my eye the face of Bin Laden and the word DEAD! I was already out of the store and didn't feel like going back in to check, so I run upstairs to my flat and I asked my boyfriend "what is this on the newspaper about ..." And he laughed and told me "Bin Laden? ... The Americans killed him last night!"
I was left bedazzled for a second there... I felt a shock and a happiness and a weirdness all together mixed with a strange relief!
So there ARE good news too sometimes! I thought.

This morning I watched Barack Obama's 10 minute announcement. God I love that man!

Of course, the death of this s.o.b. does not mean automatically the end of terror. But at least it means their messiah is dead. The Americans killed their "jesus" and maybe now, without an idolized leader they will fall and surrender faster.

It took them 10 years but what the hell, it's done. So now what? 5 more years to clean up the rest?

And I do not want to hear anyone complaining that the war should automatically be over after Osama's death.
They are not playing chess you idiot.
They are chasing schizophrenic, suicidal, murderers in the bloody desert.

So now ... should I read today's paper?
Nahhh ...
What could top THESE news?
I think I will skip a day!


p.s. even though I am a hardcore atheist ... I will just say it, to make some of you asshole anti-Americans out there
angry .... (you know who you are)

God Bless America!

... From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam ...


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