Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Part 1 out of 5: Sunny May day in Stockholm, with people, animals and ... some oddities ...

So yesterday I was taking pictures for over 6 hours. I went to Norra Djurgården a beautiful area 16 minutes from my place.
I had a wonderful time. It was a very beautiful warm sunny day. And even though I was mostly hiding in the shadows, I enjoyed every sun-ray :D

I got a little disappointed with my pictures though. I didn't get the results I wanted. I am not good taking pictures on sunny days. I am better with nights, dark evenings and cold winter semi cloudy days. The sun is ruthless with colors if you are not an experienced photographer.

So what I am about to show you is not really photography. I don't really see this as a demonstration of photography. I see it mostly as ... documentation of a beautiful day.

Since I recently started taking pictures of people (who knew huh?), you will see a slight change in the mood I am usually demonstrating here. I am of course still a coward and take pictures of people only with my zoom lens where there is absolutely no chance of them seeing me. Or I shoot them in the back ;) Which I actually love to do. I have more pictures of my friend's backs than anything else. So why not shoot strangers in the back too? ( this sounds so wrong ... not the shooting really ... but the shooting in the back ... not my style ... anyway that is another story of back stubbing bitches and cowardly hairy men ...) I said it before, seeing people leaving give me a feeling of ... comfort.
I took A LOT of pictures and I decided to upload here a FEW, even some I don't find particularly interesting, but all together they give you an idea of my day :) However. Since it is quite a number of pictures (well you can't choose less than a hundred out of almost 500 pictures now can you?:p), I will divide them in 5 posts.

So less talking more showing.
Here we go with the first 21 pictures ...

And we start with HORNY horse ...

Beautiful Couple! Shame I didn't have my zoom lens loaded when I saw them. They looked lovely. Boy suited up and the girl pined up:D

That was a really big dog. I thought it was a deer at first :s

Lovely pretty Swedish blondy riding a horsey and .... talking on her MOBILE!
Pffffff what an anticlimax yeah?!!!!

... still ... a lovely sight :D
After all ... a blond Swede is a blond Swede :p

And now I put on the zoom lens ...

That's what good happy parents do :D I'll never be one, but I enjoy watching this type of families. The other type, PC games, TV, and brain dead children who scream bloody murder out of boredom, make me want to become a mass murderer ...

"What are YOU looking at? Are you talking to ME?"
( overexposed damn it >_< )

(I LOVE taking pictures of runners)

Now these guys look like they mean business. It was a really warm day, so I have no idea why they were dressed as if they were about to enter a Polar Bear's fridge! Some exhibition I guess (it was 2 boats like this) All sorts of strange peeps pass this channel ...

*ahem* and with this testosteronium note I leave you for today ... part 2 tomorrow ...

to be continued ...

Tags: animals, birds, blue skies, photography practice, pretty places, spring, stockholm, sunny day, water

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