Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Part 4 out of 5: Sunny May day in Stockholm, with people, animals and ... some oddities ...

22 more

Boatloads of hotness ...

This post is dedicated to Anna :p

Now part 4 out of 5 comes with a lil story
Keep also in mind that I post the pictures in the exact order as I took them.

The story goes like this.
Everything was peaceful in Norra Driurgården. Peaceful and quiet.

Little boats crossed slowly with their engines on the lowest gear.

Horses munched softly on the fresh evening grass, making low purring sounds ...

Birds chippered. People did their chores in their gardens ...

Runners passed pounding calmly taking in the glorious spring air...

Children played and giggled ...
Everything was still and tranquil ...
You could almost hear the statues whisper.

Until ...


The invasion of the Swedish army!!!!

4 boats filled with hotness! Who knows why! These soldiers where hot to trot and ready for action!

Arnold here is hardly 21 years old and he is walking around this boat carrying this gargantuan gun like it's a water pistol.
Well yes sure ... not my type.
Not at all.
But man, what a great specimen!

I could not stop giggling. The whole thing was SO utterly surreal, I didn't know what to make of it. We live in a very peaceful country. One hardly every sees uniforms around. Let alone parading like this. So this, in THIS landscape, was very very BIZARRE to me!
I immediately called Anna but she never answered the phone.
I was going to tell her:
"Honey, you should have been here. Your wet-est dream is floating right here in front of my eyes!"

"Hey mister, could you point your ... whatever that is ... elsewhere?!"

Where ARE you going?

What are you pointing at? What the hell is happening?

This picture is really bizarre for my eyes!

and then ...

everything got back to normal again ...


to be continued ...

Tags: animals, birds, blue skies, photography practice, pretty places, spring, stockholm, sunny day, water

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