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"Dark Matter" I am in love with this book!!!!

"It was eerie, peering through the fog at the sea turned white. Huge, jagged floes like pieces of an enormous jigsaw, dotted with pools of meltwater, intensely blue. I hadn't expected it to be so beautiful. It brought a lump to my throat ..."

I am in love with this book!!!!

Two days ago I started reading a book that Samantha gave me for Christmas this year.
It is called Dark Matter and it is a ghost story that takes place in
In 1937 in the High Arctic. To be precise
Spitsbergen, or actually Svalbard (midway between mainland Norway and the North Pole)

I have read almost half already. I am reading slowly because I love it so much but I can't read too slow because ... I love it so much!!!

I don't want to give much away and the truth is that I haven't gotten to the ghost part of the story yet. Nothing really has happened yet. Until now I have been enjoying IMMENSELY, the description of the trip.

"Tromsø: three hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle. My first encounter with the midnight sun. Only there isn't any. The gentle, penetrating mizzle hasn't let up in days. Tromsø is a nice little fishing town: wooden houses painted red, yellow and blue, like a child's building blocks, and I'm told that it's backed by beautiful snowy mountains..."

"I love everything about this place, because it isn't London. Because I'm free. I love the clamour of the gulls and the sea slapping at the harbour walls. I love the salty air and the smell of tar. Above all, I love this soft, watery, never-ending light."

The way everything is described in this book is the way I saw Scandinavia the first time I visited here many years ago. When I saw the beauty and fell in love and thought: this is where I want to live.

Also, the main character of the book, Jack, shares with me, the same fascination for desolation, isolation, and the glorious beauty of the Arctics!
The way he describes everything give me the feeling that I have been there, that I recognize this beauty. I know it in the core of my existence!

There are points in the story that make my heart skip a beat! It is not a matter of speaking. I feel my heart beating strangely. I give in completely! And all I want is BE there!

At Spitsbergen

"I saw jagged peaks streaked with snow, looming over the mouth of a fjord where the black water was mirror smooth, and dotted with icebergs. Further in, a vast, tormented glacier spilled into the sea. And all so incredibly still."

"... I tried to speak but I couldn't. It was utterly unlike anything I'd ever seen. IT was - intimidating. No, that's not the right word. It made me feel irrelevant.It made humanity irrelevant."

I have no idea if I will like where the story is going. So far I know that Jack joined the expedition.The crew arrived in Norway then and begin their northward trip by boat. Jack is speechless at the cold, desolate beauty of the Arctic. They arrive and camp at Gruhuken in the summer. Then the darkness comes. Winter begins. And somewhere there I guess the ghosts will appear ...

I am basically fascinated only with the trip right now and I don't care a bout ghosts, so I hope I won't be dissapointed.

No matter where it goes and how it ends up, so far, I give it 10 out of 10 being the best half book I have ever read in my life!!!

Arriving at Gruhuken ...

"That first sight of it. Like a blow to the heart. The desolation. The beauty. A fierce sun blazed in a sky of astonishing blue... A great silence. And God, that light! The air was so clear I felt I could reach out and touch those peaks, snap off a chunk of that icecap. Such purity. It was like heaven ..."

"I love Gruhuken. I love the clarity and the desolation. Yes even the  cruelty. Because it's true. It's part of life.
I'm happy"

Samantha knew what she was talking about when she said I will like this book.
But my friend I gotta tell you.
I don't like this book.
I LOVE it!!!!
I want to marry it and have little baby books with it!!! :D

random online pictures from Svalbard

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