Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Saturday with friends, Evil Emil .... and a horror background ...

Yesterday I saw a really great concert at a jazz pub in Stockholm called Stampen.
The band was the wonderful
Evil Emil & King Congo Cobras. They play killer Zydeco and they are all incredible musicians!!!
I haven't seen them since my birthday last year (3 of April 2010). And they were as good as I remembered:D

They played for about 3 hours!!! With 3 small breaks.
I had a great time!!!
I danced all night!!! - By myself of course. I hate people who dance like apes, swirling around in really small places. It is so disrespectful for others. If it is is a big place with lots of room I have no problem. But when you try to balance you drink near your bosom while trying to avoid eating the hair of the lady who decided to camp in-front of you, and trying hard not to step on the sleaze ball who is sticking behind you, you do NOT fucking dance rock n roll style with you partner. IDIOTS!

This was one part of the a down side.
The down side was ...
The people in that place where horrible.
Very drunk, very suntaned, very rude, very old people.
It was like Children of The Corn with senior citizens.
This was not the band's audience actually. I reallised after a while that most of the old peeps in there were the regulars off that place, which is supposed to be classy and world famous jazz pub. Yeah right!
Man, if it wasn't for Evil Emil I wouldn't be caught there dead.
A sleazy old "masculine" and veiny, smelly man rubbing against me. Rude old hags stumbling about dancing a la rock n roll, elbowing around. Drunk lost souls with garlic breath and bad white hair spread around with their roasted wrinkly bodies.
I have NEVER in my life seen SO many old people gathered together in one place. It really freaked me out. I have no problem with people being old or young. I have a problem with people being rude. Now an old rude dude is a combo I can not stand.

Of course you must also know that I am not fond of people in general. So throw a misanthrope like me in a place like that and well ... you understand ...

But the music was SO great and it made me SOOOOOO bloody happy that it balanced out the horror show, with the evil creepy looking old people, that was taking place all around me.

I really love this band! Particularly the dude that plays the Zydeco Board
, I looooove him. He makes me sooo happy, because he seems to enjoy every moment on stage. I love people who make me smile :D
I also realized why I like the singer's voice so much. It reminds me of Henrik Wallgren, the singer of another Swedish band called ORO. One of my favorite Swedish bands of all times!!!

I had a wonderful night!!!!

Unfortunately I have no pictures but I rarely (almost never) have a camera with me at consents because I prefer to enjoy the music.

One thing is for sure ... unless Loki himself plays at Stampen ( well ... or Evil Emil again ) I am NEVER going there again .... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

till next time .....
Vlad Ţepeş' spirit be with you ...
(*edited the name once I shamefully written it wrong :s Good someone corrected me -_-)

P.S. Emil dedicated a song to The Coffinshakers .... I didn't really get that. I guess they are friends or something ... hmmm

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