Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

my new favorite beer blog :D

Doing laundry all day pretty much sucked all my energy today.
I am exhausted. ( we are lazy people here. Doing laundry every 2 months or so ... so you imagine the pile I had to deal with ...)

But, during some short breaks, having nothing better to do, I surfed in boredom. And so I found a new blog that I immediately fell in love with!
A nice Swede with a good taste in beer :D
He writes real reviews on beers.
Unlike my beer posts that are mostly generally poetic: Oh look what I bought, a bowl of sunshine. Oo I like this one, it reminds me of spring afternoons in the north coast.... Mmmm that was yummy like a bird flying over the ocean...
Hehehe :D
No, this guy does real reviews and whether I agree with him or not, he is very into pro details and very informative on the new things that arrive in the country. This alone made me his fan! :D

Here is the  link:
Well it is all in Swedish though :s I found out that he used to write in English up until sometime last March and this was a part of his old blog: But apparently not anymore :/ This is not a problem for me since I can speak both languages. However, you can get some good ideas from the nice pictures he posts :D

And by the way I tried DuganA!!!

I thought I died a little!
Happy, Hoppy, Hummingbird! 
Just enough hops to let the gardens of Babylon wide open!!!
I loved it!
Very balanced, very aromatic. Lot's of fruits and honeys in the background. Starts with a subtle  sweetness, only to develop to the beautiful and mild (to strong) bitterness of fresh hops! Delicious!!!!

American real beer baby!!! Guaranteed pleasure :D

Americans can brew the worst asswipe beer of the asshole of the earth, like let's say Bud beer.
And at the same time they can brew the drinks of GODS!!! And make Belgian style beers of course better than Belgians!

Ah! How much I want to travel to the US and try every
microbrewery from every state!!!


toot toot

Tags: ale

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