Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

today ... so far ...

Top of the morning lads and ladies ...
Weird dreams about saving people from fire and swimming in thick black goo!
Beautiful rainy and sunny day today.
I love the smell of rain.
Boyfriend confirmed arrival in Moscow and now arrival in Ekaterinburg. So far so good!

I have a Migraine from HELL!!!!

I am hungry and I only have beer here. Too lazy to get out.

Mother is coming over in a bit.
I 'll make her feed me.

We are going to do some shopping for her new apartment.
Later I am meeting a friend for coffee.
Later I am meeting another friend for maybe some music making. We'll see

One day Ronnie away and the apartment already looks like 3 mutant beavslugs (something between a beaver and a slug) had a wrestling match in here.

My fingers hurt from torturing that guitar yesterday.

Migraine from HELL makes me also dizzy and I feel I want to remove the contents of my stomach and place them in a place far far away.

I want to watch a movie in the dark. I don't want to be going out shopping and dealing with people. I feel ÜBER antisocial today.

I am looking forward to my mother's purchase of a kitty :D
The moment she is settled in in the new apartment, we are buying a lil kitty :D
I am STARVING for contact with animals. I grew up having over ten cats and at least one dog at a time and now it has been FAR too many years I haven't had an animal.

The down side is that my sister's spawns will be visiting my mother in order to visit the cat (since they are not allowed to have one of their own) So I might be in need of scheduling "cat visitations". I don't want to share my time with future baby kitty with obnoxious human children. I might snap and slap the annoying things.

In a scale from one to ten, I am 9 tired today!
It must be all the saving people from fires all night in my sleep.

Hmmm mother is not here yet .... I hope she is not lost ....

God damn it .... I must go out and look for her.

Who the hell needs children when you got parents to take care of?!
Damn it ... plural ...
I meant parenT.
I keep on forgetting I am an orphan from a father ...
Fuck ... now I am depressed again ...
God damn it....

This writing without thinking is very liberating ... you should give it a go ...

Shalom aleikhem ...

Tags: dear diary, dreams, kitty, ronnie, travelling

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