Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

hungry morning ...

Moskva, check!
Second concert, check!
Now boyfriend confirmed arrival at
Rostov. I hope they have some time to look around. Rostov seems to have some pretty interesting cathedrals to gaze at!

I have slept just four hours :s
I woke up in a good mood though with the music of the rain taping on my window and the last words I read from my beautiful beautiful book: (A Woman in The Polar Night)

It is red tea and  Pecan Maple Danish day for me :D
Danish pastry and Pecan Maple is my favorite. If it wasn't for self-control I would have been a hundred a twenty seven thousand killos by now.

Crêpes, with blue cheese and fresh mushrooms also would be great for diner, with a beautiful Danish IPA maybe like a Green Mikkeller ???!!! aaaaaarrrrrrrghl (Homer drool)
But I am too lazy to travel to the burbs to get a Dane  >_< 
A Scott (punk IPA) and an Indian (spiced chicken), would do beautifully!

I also got the uncut version of Once Upon a time in America so it is a movie day today:)

I am supposed to be cleaning my closet but meeeeeeeeeeeeeh ...

Lazy Sunday is what I'm gonna have.

I have a tough week ahead of me.

Oh and tomorrow I have a job interview.
fingers are so crossed
they look like pretzels.


Tags: dear diary, ronnie, travelling

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