Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Summer Ale is Hardcore baby!

So this is what happened now with the new releases in Sweden ...
We got two groups

Group number one is this lovely group:

A Dane, an American and many Scots ...
(it sound like the begingin of a joke ...)

Starting with
Hardcore IPA
According to the boyfriend, this is one of the best IPAs ever.
  *'e says I drunk i(t) 'e says 'ndeed* ... But ... my memory card is too small to remember ...
so I am taking his word for it!


Then we got a four pack of hoppiness :D
For hop lovers, here is a lovely four pack
The idea is to try 4 different hop types ...
yum ...
Let's see what happens :D

BrewDog IPA Is Dead - Citra

BrewDog IPA Is Dead - Nelson Sauvin

BrewDog IPA Is Dead - Sorachi Ace

BrewDog IPA Is Dead - Bramling X

Then we got this lovely looking guy from this great American brewery!
I've heard a lot of good stuff about it so I have expectations!
The Reverend

Then we got this dude with the disgusting name ...
Soft Dookie
As the boyfriend said: Only a Dane would think a name like that!
My English is ... let's say better than good ... but I really didn't know the word dookie
Awful awful name for a beer.
Hehehe I love them crazy Danes :D

Disgusting yet funny ... yet disgusting ... yet ... I am sure DELICIOUS!

Then we go to our lovely group number two, with two beautiful Swedes.
And the theme here is: Glorious Swedish Summer :D
It makes you feel all clean and golden, traveling with your eyes closed in a wooden boat!
Calm, peaceful and happy ... like fluffy white clouds dissolving in a candy-blue summer sky ...
This is ... Happiness!

Ah! Beautiful!

So this lady here is very kind.
Nothing extravagant, yet memorable and fresh, with a tingling bitter finish of fresh grass and dandy lions!

Sigtuna Summer IPA

This one I haven't tried yet ...
Oppigårds Pale Summer Ale

Now .... June may start!

We didn't get a hold of the Oppigårds Amarillo Spring yet ...
Which for me is the superstar for the summer ...
Let's hope we find some in the following days :)

Well well ....

Shalom ...

Tags: ale

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