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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
Gogol Bordello 
15th-Jun-2011 02:48 pm
Today we are FINALLY watching Gogol Bordello!!!!

They play at one of my favorite places on the planet!
Gröna Lund


Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
16th-Jun-2011 04:01 am (UTC) - Lady CaCa!
Well, I knew that subject line would cause you to summon a winter that will last 1000 years! LOL I will say that this little character named Kerli who is Estonian, has quite a cute bubblegum-Wednesday Addams look to her. Her newest video "Army of Love" is really cute, I LOVE her hair in it. And if I EVER catch you dancing to a Britney Spears song like those douchebags below, you sure as hell better look over your shoulders for poison darts! ;)

I think in the last 3 months I have had a MAJOR gay epiphany, and now that I have chosen the beauty school I want to attend I think I might just have to add the course for cutting hair, because my dreams lately have involved dreamy wigs in powdered greys, blues, and white all piled up...and I was just informed that a Blythe doll has been purchased for me from Hong Kong (look them up, they have HUGE heads and tiny bodies...they have quite the cult following. The one I am getting has Bettie Page hair!!!! Creepy enough that they have a string you pull in back to change the position of their eyes and the colour.) and I hear there is a niche market for the wigs for those little dolls...either I've got gas or I feel a major creative streak coming!

So good to know the colours that you like, because I have ideas spinning in my head for a BIG GAY PACKAGE to send you (and don't we know, us girls love a BIG package!) and I knew that black and red were a safe bet, but I love the colour green and army fatigue/deep olive is divine. Of course in homage to Little Edie, a dash of sky blue I would add for myself...but it is good to know your likes in colour. I did find some cute patterns to make stuff for your kitchen. It KILLS me that you don't live next door because I'd use you as a fittings model. I found some vintage crochet patterns for intricate lacey party 1950's housewife dresses (does the word TULLE and Estee perfume come to mind yet??) that are begging to be updated and with lovely shoes...oh it kills me!

16th-Jun-2011 10:04 am (UTC) - Re: Lady CaCa!
If people keep on pestering me with lady caca I HAVE to shove Britney down their throat ;)And I WISH I could dance like those guys in the video lol ;)
That Keril girl (that I had no idea who she was until this post) reminds me of the girl next door. Swedish women are crazy beautiful (very similar to the Estonians) so when they decide to go "gothic lolita" they ALL look like that. ALL of them! It is crazy! Hell I had friends who looked like that (if not better). Then they grew up, lol One of my friends was working a lot with hair and prosthetics and she was very inventive, using plastic and cables glowing in the dark. That was in the end of the 90s beginning of 2000s though.
Of course i know Blythe dolls. I even know a guy who is doing exactly that, making wigs for those lil shits. And recently started with humans too.
I personally like the Living Dead Dolls.

About the colors. I like black!!! Duh! With some extra black and some other shades of black.
However! Since I dyed my hair red, I am flirting with green. Bunt not just any green. It is a very "particular" deep warm green I love that I rarely find. The color I saw on your crochet looked very much like it but it didn't look olive green. I mean I like olive green too but I don't know if I'd wear it.
However it is hard to choose from the computer because the colors change from monitor to monitor.
But look at this board with shades of green:

Look at the numbers: 3818, 890 and 619
One of them (or a combination) is my favorite green lol

In this couple of years that I am flirting with this color I have purchased only ONE green item though, and wore it only once! Plus I actually knitted something that has a lot of green on it but I haven't wore it yet.
You might have seen it, it is this:





I would scream to find a nice lil big (:p) package with goods from you!!!!!! And even if you never do it, just the thought makes me happy (really).
Just keep in mind, I would never wear anything with more than 2 colors on it. And 2 colors is a stretch. I know I am boring :p

kiss kiss and cheers enjoy the beers :D


p.s. I want to see more videos of you and listen to your sexy voice :)

16th-Jun-2011 04:04 am (UTC) - p.s.
I'll be knocking back a few beers tonight and in homage to you, I'll make sure to cherish the ones from Rogue as I plot kitchen ideas in crochet. Olive green...good to know!


Lily and Christopher
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