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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

A Bordello in Heaven ... and Alice in July

So we bought our "green cards" for Gröna Lund :D I can go now there anytime until the end of the season and breath in the cotton candy and have a warm chocolate  when the weather is cool, or eat a lime sorbet when the weather is hot and lie under a tree by the Merry go round :D

And so we saw our first concert of the season in Tivoli
Gogol Bordello And it was quite okay.
It wasn't exactly what I expected actually. It was a little too much ethnic and a little too less punk for my taste. And a little too much reggae at some points :s
But, when they played some good songs it was mind blowing good!!! No doubt they are all magnificent musicians!!! I had a good time.(with some exceptions that include people smoking but this is another long hate post ;)) 
The weather was a little violent. The humidity levels were so high that I could feel my bones molding. During some not so exciting songs, I took a walk around the beautiful amusement park, looked at all the toys and candy, then I gazed at the red dawn over the water. - Later, I found out that it was a total eclipce of the moon that night. But I wouldn't be able to notice anyway since at 21:20 when the eclipce was supposed to happen, it was broad daylight here. Yes we are going through this phase now. Lots of light :D -
Then I found a nice spot where I could see the entire stage and I was away from smoking assholes, leaning against a pretty wooden kiosk. Lovely! There I watched the rest of the concert. They played Start Wearing Purple which I enjoyed, and they also played one of my favorite Mano Negra songs (of course they would, they are definitely their idols) They played Mala Vida and they played it really good!!!!! Interesting version. I don't think anyone can play it faster. And it is originally a very fast song. It was like a very vicious death metal dude grabbed a guitar and added his touch. It was chaotic and punk and it was fun!!!

Of course, I always have to go and spoil it all buy adding a little drop of poison. I could have skipped what I am about to say all together and finish this post with the lovely picture of Gogol Bordello playing amongst roller-coasters and happy people, a few yards away from the silver water in a sunny summer Scandinavian white night ....

But noooo ... the radical in my head says I must react to what bothers me. So here it goes.
One thing  bothered me a bit.
In the end of the concert the singer introduced the band with their names and their ethnicity: Elizabeth Scotland, Sergey Russia, Tommy Ethiopia ... and so on... This is this band's special thing after all.They are a bunch of people from all over the globe making cool music together. Okay? Okay! HOWEVER ...when he introduced the American drummer, he didn't say "Oliver American" or "Oliver USA", he said: "Oliver East L.A." ....
There was a pause in my head and my smile turned into a lemon. And I thought to myself:
"Really? Really dude? You are promoting and proudly presenting this multicultural, anti corporation, anti republican, anti racist, anti war, anti borders, anti whatever ... concept band, but when it comes to anounce that you also have an American in your group you refuse to acknowledge it, so you softening it up by not calling it what it is?! Because ... what ... your kind doesn't like Americans? And besides ... don't you live in America?"
I am a little confused here.

No matter, it was a good concert, I had a good time and I would like to see them again :)

Here is a lil video I found from that day. The sound is terrible and it is not even a whole song, but you get some idea of the environment. This is about 21:00 in the evening and if it wasn't for the evil clouds it would have been brightly sunny :D

This is also where I am going to see Alice Cooper in July:D

Tags: anti-americanism, concerts, dear diary, music

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