Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Insidious and Seconds Apart! Two Movie tips. No spoilers :)

Horror is good again :)

I really enjoyed watching Insidious! It has a good scary vibe and great atmosphere. There are some moments that keep you to the edge of your seat and while you are waiting for it, it does not come, until ... well, until it does and your popcorn is allover your shirt. Building up to a "BOO" moment,
some scenes are purely creepy, making you wonder: did I really see that?

Then all of a sudden it gets funny. "Good funny", don't get me wrong, it really gets good, nerdy funny. And it is quite rare for a movie to first make you jump and then burst into laughter!
But it takes away from the scary "heavy" vibe that was building up, up to that moment. After that, I didn't get that feeling again. You know, that tingling in your stomach when you expect to "jump". When your eyes are wide open and you are scouting the screen, expecting the worst.
Another thing that was negative for the "scary vibe", was that one creature was "overexposed" and too Halloween-y to be taken "seriously", (my boyfriend said he looked like a character from star-wars and he is right).

However, I really enjoyed it. The story was also something new and fresh, and however "ridiculous, it kept my interest 'till the very end.
The dialogues are very well written, without unnecessary explanations, without unnecessary clichés. And the actors are good enough to be believable and likable.
Patric Wilson is always a pleasure watching, Rose Byrne is a very sweet and good actress, Barbara Hershey is a little "class" treat, and the children in this movie are not obnoxious.

So if you like a good scary movie, you will definitely have fun with this one!

Now mark my words. Soon, some loser director, or the same director (Mr James Wan has the habit of spoiling a good thing... or at least producing a bad thing), is going to make Insidious 2, with different actors, lower budget and a crappy scenario.
I hope I am wrong and I hope to be pleasantly surprised, but this is how money flows in the movie business.

For now, enjoy this one! It is a stepping stone! I am sure it is going to bring a new wave in the horror movies from here on.

Another Horror flick I really enjoyed was Seconds Apart. A pleasant surprise.
One thing I have to say is that the director of photography rocked my world!!!

The story is not another teenage, drool, drama/horror, cheer leading vomit!
Not at all!

The story is unique and intriguing with beautiful, almost poetic moments.
The twins, (because they ARE twins) are both great actors with potential to become the next best thing!!!

In this film there are no "BOO moments" or mind blowing suspense, but it is very beautiful and very enjoyable. With a wonderful "turn out".
Horror flick freaks like me will definitely enjoy it!

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