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traveling again<\b>

It’s time to travel again. Tomorrow we are going to Gothenburg. We’ve rent a car so we’re going to stop in a few places we stopped last time we were driving there but this time I’m going to film everything :)

So the only thing that’s left now is to unpack. That’s right, unpack and then pack again. Well three weeks ago we went to Gotland and we haven’t unpack ever since. Both our bags are just lying on the floor in the corridor in the exact place we left them the moment we returned exactly two weeks ago. The only things removed from both our bags are our toothbrushes. How on earth did I manage to find the next laziest person on earth to live with? Well on the bright side he is not nagging me to pick my bag from the middle of the corridor or anything else for that matter. Since we came back we’ve tidied up a couple of times, nothing major but enough so the place is bacteria free, but neither of us made the slightest effort to move the bags. Well we lift them a bit since we had to clean under them but then we placed them back. They’re just lying there, sad and open. Even the stones I picked from the beach in Visby are still in there. So that’s what I have to do today, unpack. And tomorrow, pack. We are leaving in the afternoon so there is no need to kill myself today with unpacking AND packing. Oh no, I forgot, two more things, we also have to clean the apartment today, damn it. I hate leaving the apartment dirty. It feels like all the microorganisms, all the bacteria will call their relatives, friends and colleagues and have a rave party while I’m gone. Right, today clean and unpack and tomorrow pack and feed the children (water the plants, that is! My babies). All this wooooork, I’m exhausted all ready. I need to get rich to employ a butler and a maid. My imaginary butler and maid (James and Gertrud) don’t do much around here.

Right, so next time I’ll be posting some yellow fields I hope. I didn’t film the yellow fields of Gotland so I hope the yellow field of Gothenburg are still yellow. Oh oh oh and while we’re there we are going to go to Liseberg remember? (from my post: May. 27th, 2004)  I’m SO excited cause this time Anna will be with us so I won’t have to wait and smoke all by myself while the boys are riding the evil trains. Now I will wait with Anna and maybe we’ll get to do the fluffy river baby-ride (see last picture on post May. 27th, 2004) Oh man I can’t wait, I just love amusement parks and this is the best I've ever been. I hope there aren’t many squeaky, squealing, blaring children around this time. (we’re going to Liseberg on Saturday and usually this is a children-walking day, so dream on, but one can only hope). So now off I go to the sad bags on the floor, I hope there is nothing alive in there  :s



Tags: amusement park, gothenburg, liseberg, travelling
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