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We are back from our “Midsommar” ( trip. I have very few pictures since I was mostly filming. I have 4 hours of video and I don’t know where the hell to put it since all my hard discs are full. Plus it takes days to move all this video in my pc. I would ask my butler to do it for me but poor James is 107 years old and knows nothing about computers. And Gertrude the (old) maid is 97 and almost blind. So one of these years I’m going to have to do it myself.
Well we had a great time. We stayed for 2 days in Sunningen, a little resort area one hour outside Gothenburg (If you checked the link above for Midsommar then you saw the picture yeah? Well … it was exactly like that. I have almost an hour video of people dancing around that thing) and then we drove to Gothenburg and stayed 2 more days.
Everything was perfect! Well . . . ALMOST everything! The people who very kindly let us stay to there beautiful country house unfortunately had brought with them their FUCKING kid! A little 2 year old Adolph Hitler (the WORST age for kids by the way, it’s the time they are walking and talking) who was busting everyones genitalia ALL the time and his LOSER mother was just letting him do whatever the fuck he wanted. Oh how many times I came THIS close to take hold of his tiny neck and squeeeeeeeeeze. At some point we were having dinner and his mother wouldn’t put him to bed just because the brat didn’t want to go and he wanted attention and at some point he really wanted to do something, I don’t even know what it was because I was trying to eat . . . and there it was …..that moment, when you see a child ready to burst into endless screaming, he was about to turn blue from crying and I thought to myself OH NO I cannot allow that. Because IF that happens then next time I’d be writing online it would be from my prison cell. So I got up, still chewing my food, I took him in my arms and told him I have something to show him outside in the woods. So I took him to the nearest room and talked to him. He calmed down immediately because he was in shock. The whole time I was there I was ignoring him you see and he was very curious about me but he didn’t dare to come close. So when I took him in my arms all of a sudden he went into shock and all the tears went dry and all the sounds stopped. While this was happening everyone around me got shocked as well and I think my boyfriend got a bit worried that I will throw the kid out of the window or something. And everyone that know me were like “ … what the fuck…?” and everyone that didn’t know me were like “ oh … she is SO NIIIIICE ….” Well nobody knows what was happening inside of me. I was repeating in my head “ either THIS or prison, either THIS or prison, either THIS or prison …. “ And then as I was talking to him, looking at him with his little toys . . . it hit me, children are like pets, as long as you let them understand who is the boss you can maneuver them the way you want. So as I was looking at him I “gave” him long ears, a tail, some fur and there it was . . . nothing but a tamed pet. Well this lasted for 3 minutes, I couldn’t hold it any longer, and since the little beast was already calm there was no point spending a single second more with him. So I went to the table, I finished my meal and then I excused my self and went outside for a smoke. There I stood in the silent dark night and I thought to myself “I deserve a bravo! I’m learning to control my anger.”
And one thing’s for sure, since I handled THIS, I can handle anything! Bring it on sisters!

Well now here is one of the very few pictures we took in Sunningen.

Ok ok here is the original . . . well almost ;)

It was really really warm and the sun was burning but under the shade of my loyal parasol everything was peachy!

And yes, I have (pink) flowers on my hair . . . It was Anna’s creation!

Ok ok you can stop laughing now. But it is the tradition you see . . . In Midsommar we put flowers on our hair and dance around the midsommarstång ;)

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