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I had shivers of pleasure almost throughout the entire movie!!!

Apart from some scenes in the end - right BEFORE the vindictive scene - this movie was a visually orgasmic experience!!!!

 Pyramid Head and Nurses gothed my world!!!!

I left the theatre wanting more with a smile in my face still mesmerized by the beautiful scenes still stroking my cornea!!!!

It is officially added in my top ten favourite movies!


(well OK, there was too much information and too much explanation for the moronic American idiot public in the end . . . I mean the whole “ you people blah blah . . .” scene in the church at the end was too Mc Donald’s for my taste, and what on Jupiter’s name was the deal with Dahlia’s Halloween wig????  But it is AAAALLLL forgiven because the visual was way beyond my expectations)



Sad and beautiful movie! The camera angles made me cry!  I’m going to watch it again . . . and again . . . and again . .

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