Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

back to basics ... continues ...

Ah Back to basics continues ... I think that now ... after all these years I can listen to his voice without crying ... much ...

(yes and pay no attention to the video. I just couldn't find it online anywhere else)


Lead us not... unto temptation
Lead us not... unto temptation
Lead us not... unto temptation
Lead us not... unto temptation
What if the earth opened up beneath our feet?
Then all tomorrows might ignite on borrowed wings
And what if we saw through a million eyes set free?
Would we see bright light surrounding, cleansing thee?
Lead us not
Lead us not
Electric barbed wire-Rattle out that cage
Lead us not
Endless shadows that would bind you in blind rage
Lead us not... unto temptation
Lead us not
Lead us not
Lead us not
Lead us not
What if the language that was spoken was not our own?
Then you could bless my weary body-tongue to bone
And what if love was but a breath while falling down?
Well, I might think in lesser shades while trailing you
All from palest gray to paler blue
Now have you found it?
Do you like it?
Yes I do
What if I sucked you dry to fault and what if you let me?
Would you become what I no longer wished to see?
Empty core, obsidian
An iridescent red fire strangling you
And what if every dream you left behind was plausible?
Then time would tear itself asunder, nasty wound
A splitting image, jagged members, dead too soon
Lead us not
And what if you were not yourself, but bigger than?
Then I would surely fall in love with you... again
Lead us not
Lead us not
Lead us not... unto temptation

Tags: music, rozz williams, song of the day

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