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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Pink dots and dry humping ....

The New flat is starting to feel a bit more like home. Not completely yet but I found myself longing for the isolation of my room.
It is a rather big room but I have a lot of clothes and shoes. And even if I only brought one third of what I have it is still too much.
Lack of space can create chaos. And even though I am the wife of Loki (the GOD of Chaos and Disorder), I'd like for the first time in my life to try and learn how it is to keep things in order. I do a good job in the rest of the apartment but my room right now looks like a black hole exploded and created many other small black holes who in their turn exploded too, creating even more smaller black holes and so on ...
Whips, feathers and high heels. Lace, velvet and handcuffs. Nylon stockings, thigh highs and girdles. Spread all across the floor and all around the furniture. Giving you the impression of a glorious orgy. However, it's just me going about my stuff, getting ready in a hurry , leaving a disaster behind me.
No more.
Today is the "cleaning day". It is "Putting shit together day". Oh and some "waiting in some line to re-register day"

Then I am meeting friends near the area. I had no idea more people lived here. Yeah the others around here are not my people so ... they are not really people. They are from different tribes. I don't get along with the kneelers of this world. It has nothing to do with their race. It has to do with their culture. I am a devoted culturalist and this thing around here in the ghetto is a bit nightmarish for my kind.

So yesterday I saw The Legendary Pink Dots live. A really great concert!!! It WAS really great. I got into a trance more than twice and felt complete "peace" at some point. Really small club, small stage, basement. My kind of consent! I loath big stages and crowds. This, was intimate and meaningful! I loved it!

Talking about intimate ... there is a lil side story.
So there was this guy ... "dancing" beside me right? Looking, staring. Then he came closer ... and closer ... and he started rubbing himself against me. I moved and he moved. I changed position, he did too. I made the mistake to move one step forward and he dry humped me from behind while ... "dancing" ... I moved back and to the side ... he started talking ... "You are so incredibly beautiful .." blah blah blah ... the shit men say ... God I hate compliments. I don't know how to respond .... I smiled nervously and moved a bit more to the side. I could not go further than this and I had a good spot. The band started playing a great song. I got into it and really traveled with my mind ... so beautiful ... Who needs drugs when music can take you places!!! Yeah?
Then this guy put his arm around me and asked me something that I could not really hear but I hoped I figured it out: "Do you *** ** boyfriend waiting *** ** *you*** ** going *** beat *** ** ** **** make ***move *** you?" ...  I smiled and I said "Yes" hoping he said what I thought he said ... "Yes yes" I repeated. So he frowned and moved away. I closed my eyes and disappeared into the music. Two songs later he got amnesia and came back. Slowly started rubbing himself against me again, swirling and waving and jerking his body closer and closer. His arms "accidentally" rubbing on my back and thigh ... came even closer breathing on my neck and said "I love your heels *** beautiful shoes *** beau**  legs *** heels I *** ... " I... - "I know" I said, and went away. I found a chair and sat for a lil while, still enjoying the consent (you do not actually have to look at those guys playing. Just listening is enough). But the girl who was sitting in that chair came back after a while so I had to get up and go stand again. There came the leg-humper. He was a bit more subtle this time. Then I decided to ignore the situation because I really wanted to enjoy the show. As he was "dancing" I gave in and  let him feel my arm with his arm from time to time, maybe some thigh. A couple of times he sniffed me too. He did! But I mean ... what else is there in life for a guy like that? I let him take some fantasies home. He didn't really hurt me. He didn't grab me or executed any kind of violence. And I was in such a good mood, there was no point of putting any energy to this and spoil the evening.

I really really liked the show. They played almost for 2 hours and to me it felt like 20 minutes. They played mostly their experimental electronic stuff which I normally do not enjoy as much. However,
something or someone , recently, got me to appreciate it again.
When the concert was over and all music stopped, the leg-humper put both his hands firmly on my waist and asked: "Is there REALLY a boyfriend waiting for you out there who is going to beat me up if I make a move on you?" I smiled again and said: "Eh Yaa!"  He said: "I thought so, how could you be single" Really? Men still say shit like that? And in my head I was laughing because ... if he only knew ... heh ... Yeah, he is going to fucking KILL you man! ... With his "i phone"! He is one "touch" away haha  I can not imagine my certain someone beating up anybody  ...
So funny! People are so primitive sometimes.

Ah well I have kind of forgotten how men behave around me in clubs. I don't go out that often and when I do there is always something funny. I always seem to attract weirdos though ... Maybe because I am one too. They can smell their own kind.

It was a good night.
I met some friends.
Had a couple of drinks.
Listened to great music.
Got dry humped :p
Most important I had no "episodes".
The whole night went by smoothly!

I missed my little darling though. He went to bed early while I was sweating amongst strange men (:p)

On Friday I will put my bum down and write the review on the beer festival. I got some real jewels!! It was really great this year!!!

Also tonight I am hoping to get a lil camera from my friend Samantha. You know, for documentation. Although I am planning to get my old camera for a few days because Autumn is awesome for photography and I don't wan to miss it! There is a certain spot outside a certain someone's house I'd really like to photograph.
And then, of corpse, I want to finally take pictures of Freyja.
Mother's cat. (mother calls her something else but it's not happening. She is a Goddess and she is going to be called by her Goddess' name)

Oh look at the motherfucking time ... I must go!

Toodles ...
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