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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
My roommate is the coolest! 
11th-Nov-2011 09:00 am

My roommate (lord) is the most awesome guy like EVER!!! Crafty s.o.b. also!!!
Look what he made! Damn it he never stops surprising me!!!!!
HERE is how you find your way to our lair now. Follow the Star baby! Follow the Star!!!!!!!
Heh, he made this for Christmas, but he couldn't help but hang it on his window already now ;)
I find it terribly funny and cool and the same time heh

(the roommate's window from outside)

Courtesy of Johan Lundberg
Antichrist-mas 2011, hail be satan.

(and the funny thing is ... we are not satanists :p)

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