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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Dear diary ... A Report of Uncommon Velocity

Summary of the latest weeks, and a report to my brother and those in those "far places" (>_<) who can not reach me. Especially now that I only have a mobile phone.

Life in general.
Ok things are going a bit more smoothly now.
Which scares me a bit because the latest years, the MOMENT I start feeling good and things are looking up for me, something extremely craptacular happens in my life.
So I'm crossing my fingers and praying to "the force", to the "power of the dark side" and to "Cheese" (because we have now established that if there is a God it is cheese. Goat cheese!) to give me a motherfucking break and let me enjoy at least ONE fucking decade in my life! Fuck decade. Can I have a year? Seven fucking months? Three you son of a bitch, three!!!! Motherfucker. Cocksucking fuckhole.

Yeah, no, I do not have Tourette's. I just like to swear. It is fucking cathartic.

Inspiration and music.
Well I feel optimistic!
I am so creative I feel overwhelmed. Soon the bloody demo will be on its bloody way again. Soon.
It's a matter of time really. I have written so many songs within the last week only, that I won't have to write anything again. If let's say I get Alzheimer's. I am rather content with the amount of poetry lying around in my little black books. (that doesn't necessarily mean it is good poetry ... but this is in the eye of the beholder, right?)

I must cut down a bit on alcohol. I find myself consuming a bottle of wine everyday.
This can not have a good ending.
But regardless the alcohol consumption (and wine has a LOT of calories) I lost 9 kilos. I am slowly disappearing. Looking at myself naked in the mirror is like looking at an x-ray. My ass is still round though. (someone says it's awesome :p and I have to start believing him)
Those who say you can not lose weight after 25yoa are just lazy baby ;) (and they eat more than they think. Right?)
Some foods I look at and I just feel my arteries clogging ... So I am not engaging ...
I think I could live of sushi. Without the rice. Just eat raw fish and Wassabi. Like a seal with weird taste.

The sleeping thing.
So I am a fucking vampire.
I sleep 2 hours a day and I feel rather rested. It's been like this for months now.
No herbs, no pills, no pot, no sex, no exercise, no meditation, no religion, no murder and neither masturbation is helping. I have tried everything! But now, as the time goes by, with sleepless nights, I realize that it doesn't really bother me anymore. When I will collapse (because I MUST collapse at some point) I will finally sleep.

It's in the air ;)

Still waiting for Diablo.

Haven't watched anything new lately ... I have no time. And this bugs me because movies have always been a big part of my life. But now I have no time, and when I do have time ... I feel too restless to sit still and concentrate ... I am used to watch films in a certain way and now ... it is all so different ...
Old habits die hard, and I guess I have to be more ... vigilant with the killing!

Co existing.
My roommate is the coolest guy ever! I am SO thankful he came in my way. I really could not have a better person to live with like that! He is really respectful and serious when it comes to co existing and sharing facilities. Yet he is extremely childish and over enthusiastic about silly things, exactly like I am!!! Many times I act like an 11 year old and it feels nice to know there are other eleven year olds around :D

Hugs all around :D

Plans for the future.
Okay this is something I must post on another entry because it is long and requires a LOT of explaining. (so that I won't get hate mail.)
However I am going to throw it out there so it stays in the air a bit, and when I get back to it, it has kind of washed off from the initial shock. Perhaps?! And it is just an idea so far ... it does not mean it will happen. It is brewing in my head.
I am kind of thinking joining the Swedish Military with a volunteer organization.
One must speak Swedish to read the following links but this is what caught my eye and I've been thinking about it for quite some time now.
Specialist inom hemvärnet
There is a really good reason I feel like doing this but I won't go into it right now.

Well well well ...

I must wake the little sweet snoring monster that's all curled up in my bed now.

Over and out ...

(whoever makes GI Jane jokes better be prepared to be shot when, and if, I get a gun :p)
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