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My Birthday

So Yesterday was my birthday!

My baby bought me a 500GB Western Digital black book!!!!! It is SOOOOOOO beautiful, ALL BLACK and shaped like a book (duh) and I can FINALLY start working with my movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We ate cake with my family at my sis house. We didn´t go to the Medieval restaurant but I desided to celebrate my birthday for a week SO we will do the restaurant AND the movie AAAAANNND . . . today I’m celebrating with a lill gift from me to me ;) I´m buying me a ticket to a concert . . . Jay-Jay Johansson is finally giving a concert in Stockholm after 5 years or so :D (unless he did a concert that I never heard of)

The new cd is SO good! I’m happy I saw that poster on the street!!! It’s the only way for me to get informed about live concerts and stuff since I never read the news paper or magazines or surf aimlessly online :S This way though I've missed many many - and I mean MANY -  concerts :s   So I’m happy the good person decided to put a poster exactly outside my school hehe . . . otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it cause I’m not going anywhere but school lately! So, it was meant for me to see this live :D

So today it’s PARTY day!!!!! :)


Tell me when the party's over
Call me when the music stops
When your champagne glass is empty
I will come and pick you up

Tell me when the party's over
Call me when the lights are out
When everybody's left the building
I'll be 'round


(very characteristic Jay-Jay lyrics . . . not stunning, marvellous or awe-inspiring but always with the touch of a misfit)
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