Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Dear diary ... a night out alone :)

I had a great time last night at Big Jeff's. The band, Harmonica Sam och Domestic Bumblebees, was fucking AWESOME! I honestly felt I traveled back it time. It was all as it should on a night out: I was smiling the whole time swinging round,
my feet hurt and WHO knew they had "Punk IPA" at the bar!!! That is a first, usually the beer sucks a bag of sweaty balls in there so I drink wine that only sucks ass.
The dress staid "pinned up" and my mood as well. So all was great. Good crowd, good music, good drinks and a great mood.
I hope I maintain this mood for a while.
My dress don't fit me well anymore, I need to take it to my tailor to make it smaller because I can't wear it again with "safety pins". It doesn't feel "safe" (haha)

Going to G&G again after the "move" felt really strange. I am still trying to get used to the fact that Söder is not my home anymore. It's fucking bizarre. However I didn't have any weird "feelings". It was all good. I am good.
I have so much fun going out by myself. It's a given I will have a good time on my own. It has always been this way. Why is that? I keep on saying I don't like people. But I do. Certain people I like. Some people's company is precious to me. Precious!!! And I mean it! But why is it that I ALWAYS have fantastic time when I'm alone?
Could it be the choices? I mean. I choose when to go. I choose where to stand or sit. I chose when and how much to drink. I choose if I want to dance or not. I choose when to leave. Plus I don't have to listen to someone's blabbering when I want to listen to the music! And most important. I do not have to deal with drunks. Slurring sweaty incoherent jabbering in my ear. Repeating the same shit over and over. Or forcing me to dance. Or making moronic drunk  jokes. OR, the worst of ALL drunks, the emotional ones! Fuck my ear man. Those who will start on a sobbing mode slowly bringing my groove down. Bah, humbug!
God I sound awful! But I do have a lovely time when I am out with friends. I do! I really really do!!!
It is just that ... ... going out alone ... it is  ... well ... different. I have met some of my best friends on a night out alone. I met my previous boyfriend on a night out alone (whom I've spent half a lifetime with) I have met some really interesting characters on nights out alone. Isn't that ironic though? Ah well. Smile.

Well well. My dentist's secretary called a moment ago and told me I missed my appointment for today. What the fuck? I thought it was on the 12th! Shit crap damn! I thought. So now I have to pay for the appointment anyway and I cannot fucking afford it. Why does everything has to turn to shit all the time? I thought. A moment later my dentist called and told me that I do not have to pay for the appointment. Shoohooo! I love her! She has no idea that this meant the world to me right now. Within 3 minutes I went from poor, to dirt poor ... and back to poor again.

Here ya go
Few pictures with me getting ready yesterday :)

Well I didn't wear these shoes in the end ... too painful for a concert ... The pair I wore was not so different though ...

Over and out!
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