Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

dear diary ... more work related blab

So far so very good.
Work is really great. Yesterday I wrote: "I am officially in love with my job!!!"
So much to say so little time.
I work the late shift so I finish at 19:15 That means I am home at around 19:40. I cook, I eat (it's bad with late dinners damn it) And then before I know it it is 21:00 and I don't feel like writing. I feel like going out drinking.
However I am not in the financial state I can do that.
Plus I kinda like my "extra small" size in my brand new pants now and I don't want to attain a beer belly.

Although I have so much missed an evening all by myself and a bottle of my favorite red! Damn it! Someone gotz to buyz me a bottlez.
Darn. I gotta go now no time to write much more. I fucking love going to work!
How about that?
This is what I always wanted. To WANT to go to work.
Such a shame it is not a "real" job. The pay I get for it is just bellow the standard for a very poor living and I can't do this for a long time. I have expensive hobbies. I am hoping to get good references from them though. Already everyone loves the misanthrope there (that's me) Because they are all fucking misfits and mongos. Really, I have one mongo as a colleague. She doesn't do much but the state made sure she is taking care of her self. And she does. The bad thing is that I can't say mongo all the time like I'm used to. So now they started putting me on the register. You meet interesting characters there.
I will say one thing. I am working at a thrift store yeah? That means everything is second hand! So. My favorite customers are those who come and point a smudge or a tear on a piece of clothing, saying : this is broken here, someone used it.

No shit Sherlock.

Oh crap look at the time ... I gotta fly ...
Tags: dear diary, work

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