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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
... straight from the heart to you ... 
26th-Dec-2011 05:21 pm

I can't get this song off of my head ....

"Here comes a delivery straight from the heart of my misery
Here comes a delivery straight from the heart to you

So. First Xmas ever I didn't take any pictures.
Others took though. But these will have to wait to be revealed later.
I had a great time.
In the 13 years I am celebrating Xmas in Sweden, out of which 9 I actually live here, this was the first time I brought a fellow in the family Xmas table. The ex was always spending Xmas with his family so it never happened. This year I brought my new man with. He was nervous getting there and I was really late. When we finally arrived, my Swedish/Greek family started applauding for our arrival. (my sister's humor I'm afraid)  I found it really funny but the boyfriend turned purple lol. After a while and a few glasses later, we were all relaxed and happy.
This feels right.
I am a schizophrenic misfit though, so I don't know what happens tomorrow. But NOW, it feels right. And now, right now ... I'm happy.

Happy holidays misfits all around :D

the Horror years
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