Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Dear diary ... last of 2011...

Last day at work for this year today. Tomorrow I have the day off. (mainly cleaning the "filthy orgy" that is my room)
I'll start again all good and fresh 01.01.12, like a 4/4 song.
With the same shitty money I'm afraid but ... I will at least say: "Thank motherfucking GOD it's Monday" :D

Last night I went out to the monthly gathering at Sidewalking in Söder. It was the first time I went there with Henrik and a looot of my friends were there. So I officially introduced him as my boyfriend. It felt funny and silly and  it really felt right. And it was the first time that when I left the place I did not feel I was leaving "home".
I am finally free from my demons.
Life is good again.
It can get much better.
But for now it is good and I am happy about it.
This fucking year was a fucking disaster. Yet, I met Henrik ... so something good came out of it yeah?
It is rather ironic that 2012, the year that millions of morons think is gonna be the end of the world, is probably gonna be the best year of my life. I will see to it you know! I will SEE to it!!!

Now ... here is a song that is stuck in my head :D
Even though this is not the produced final version, it is my favorite ...  it feels intimate ...
The live version is more complete though ... Either way it is a really beautiful song ...

Woooooooooosh :D

Have a good ending of this year. Celebrate. Be happy. Be surrounded with friends and loved ones.
At 12:00 Call someone you love. Let them know you are still around!

Big sexy hug from all of me to all of you :)

Shalom Aleichem

Tags: dear diary, henrik

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