Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

song of the day ... month?

And the band played on!
The year ended good.
I was at this beautiful apartment on the top floor with a great view all over Stockholm. The fireworks glittered from far far away all around us! It was the best view I ever had on a new years eve.
I got a bit sentimental there. With all that has happened to me this year it was only natural.
Things got a bit sticky for a while there but I didn't really let it get through!
I drunk good wine, good beer, good champagne, good whiskey. Then I stuck to water for an hour and then I finished up with some wine and yes .. I am afraid I smoked! A couple of cigarettes :s

I made a promise to myself.
Never live in an apartment with no view to the city ever ever ever again.
My next apartment will be fucking magnificent, just like Andre and Tina's.
Wait and see :D

But for now, I play with my stuff ;)

Like the spear of Longinus
The loneliness cuts in my heart
Will I ever find my solace?
Will I ever find clarity?
I know my pain shall last
And yours will surely pass
And all dreams shall be
Emptiness and misery

A toast to my emptiness
And here's to misery

Of The Wand And The Moon

(inside joke)

Tags: black thingies, dear diary, new apartment, new year's eve, shoes, song of the day, stuff

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