Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Dear diary first real post of 2012 ...

My new coffee machine makes fantastic coffee. AND it whistles!

Could Paul Bettany BE any hotter?!

Will I record more music this month? (yes :p)

Today I am going to Fjärilshuset with Henrik. (
butterfly house) It's his first time there. Yet he is the third boyfriend I'm taking there within 18 years. But it is special with Henrik. He makes me feel so calm and comfortable in public places ... I can't explain it ...

Episode 4 and 5 of Bordwalk Empire were fucking fantastic :) (we saved up the whole season and now watching 2 at a time :D

Hair is dyed (against all odds)

Sunday will be more of everything.

Bureaucracy drives me insane.

Here are some pictures from the latest doll dressing. Next week I work late on Monday so some useless tart is gonna violate my dolls. Meh.

I'm not a big fun of all the dolls I'm dressing, but you have to understand that I must use only colors. I am forced to use only colors. Bosses interfere with my choices. Old lady store manager, what did you expect? She is afraid of black! Honestly. I catch her staring at me sometimes. I pretend I forget that I am not supposed to use black on the dolls, of course, every time, and promise to take it down ... but I never do. This is a good exercise for me though. To learn to use colors and judge objectively setting aside personal choice. Of course I will never use something atrocious ... everything within reason. So anyway I am not posting here all the dolls. Just the ones I like. The rest are in this album: work

Yes I have a thing for pink and green. But pink! I love pink :)

The doll to the left survived 3 days. Someone took the dress off and put on a yellow-green one and a big ugly brown coat over. Christians. What did you expect. Ah well, I am not complaining. I actually find it funny.

The man-doll to the right gives me wet dreams. Every time I dress him I get a little excited ... ahem ... mmm 

I don't know how this doll survived the massacre. Maybe because it is in a corner far in the back room ...

However. Next week we get the new shelves and remaking the whole first room and soon we are going to start selling INSTRUMENTS!!!!!! :D Yeeeeeeeah!
More on the subject next week.

Butterflies await :D

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