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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
drink work drink work drink after work ... 
11th-Jan-2012 11:57 am
So, no new shelves or bloody instruments yesterday either. Now they called and said Thursday. Buttwipes. Anyway. Yesterday it was a bit of an edgy day at work. Remember the two hundred and seventy seven year old lady who I had the honor to serve on my first day of work? Yeah she came back ... It's funny how everyone disappears the moment she enters the door. It takes forever to communicate with her and she wants everything brought to her lap since she can't really move and every time she speaks you are SURE she is about to explode and die right there in front of you.
I dressed my "store boyfriend" yesterday and the fat lady. I post only my "boyfriend's" picture though.
Fat lady me no likes. (although you'll find her in the work album)

I love his pants ... rrrrrr

After work I met a friend at Monks.
Bloody Scandinavian theme hasn't started yet. They said they have gotten some of the beers but not all and they are planning to start serving in a week or two.
HOWever!!! I had two really nice beers.
Goose Island India Pale Ale, really nice and refreshing. Chicago style ;)

And a god DAMN tasty bastard from De Molen, Hel&Verdoemenis on tap. Fuck me that was a good beer baby!

the pictures are not very good. But meh ... whataryagonnado?

I am having it again today. Meeting another friend today after work at Monks


Other stuff ... allover the place ... I really don't know what's going on in my head lately ....


I have this weird feeling again when I'm under pressure ...

Ah ... I will survive .... I always do ...

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
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