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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
... the way out of being poor :D 
7th-Feb-2012 10:33 am

AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! My job-administrator just called and said to me that he met my bosses (all 3 of them) in secret and they told him that the two months I do my internship there I have become a very valuable asset in the store, therefore they don't want to keep me as an intern anymore but they want to hire me for real!!! With a real salary and everything!!!! O_O

"I don't know what you did to them alexandra" said my job-adm. " ... but they are crazy about you. They wanted to hire you from the first 2 weeks you started there but they needed to be sure that you are not too good to be true! What did you do Alexandra? Voodoo? I never heard 3 people talking with such praise for an intern before"

Ah well, i guess no one believed me when i said I really love this job. I guess it shows in my actions and in the way I work. And I guess I have work ethics ... which I didn't know I had. Plus, apparently, I can boss people around. (In various occasions they left me all alone to handle the other interns and it went smoothly)

Damn. So today I will go to work and they will tell me that they want to hire me and I got to pretend I didn't know haha.
My job-adm. told me it was a secret and that they wanted to tell me themselves. Hehe! 

Ahhhh .... is this the way out of being poor?

Oh my Loki I must celebrate!!!! 

Ah ... I can't stop grinning!!!


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