Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Future plans ...

Things are going great at work. A little tired of being poor though. I am going to finish my internship in the end of April and I will be hired in 1st of May. Until then I am poor as crap.
When I am finally employed like a normal adult this spring, I will finally start doing some things I always wanted to do. But since I am not gonna be paid with diamonds and gold I have to set some priorities. I think I can do one or two of these things every year, so I must really think of this ...
 This is how they come to my head in order of appearance in my head, not in order of what I want to do

* pay back the ex for half my student loan
* pay back the rest of my student loan
* pay a car to move the rest of my belongings from the exes flat and basement
* set a savings account

and this is how they come in order of what I want to do

* buy a great camera
* travel all around Scandinavia
* travel around the States starting with New York, ending up in New Orleans
* travel to Antarctica
* travel to Spitsbergen
* travel all around Northern California enjoying the fruits of Wine Country

I guess I will probably also have to learn how to drive a car ...

I know Nadia and Samantha will probably want to do one or two of these things with me;)

(and I'm sure Sarah is all in for New Orleans and Wine Country :p)

Now, can please time start going a bit faster so that I can at least go to London for Halloween???? :D

Tags: dear diary, dreaming, travelling

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