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Dear Diary

Ah, time is fleeting. Summer is near, schools almost out . . . BUT no WGT for me. Ah well, life is great so who cares? (well I do) Well there is always next year. What I’m mostly sad about is that I didn’t get to see my friend M. I haven’t seen her in a while and . . . well people are fun and funny and sometimes interesting but I miss my friend :(
(I hope you are seeing this to feel sorry for me and come and see me cause I am not going to have a passport or an ID for a while. Although R. is determined to come to Y. this winter. X-mas perhaps hehe)

What else? Oh yes I’m cheating on my LJ with . . . “myspace”. I KNOW I KNOW I've said I HATE “myspace” and I still DO. BUT for a long time now R. is trying to convince me that “myfuckingspace” is good for business. I was negative and disgusted with the ugliness and stupidity of this idiotic mentality, that if you add every whore and every cocksucker in myspace you are going to get enough pr to feel an arena for a concert even in Azerbaijan. And I haven’t changed my mind about it but I decided not to be a stubborn bitch and give it a try just to familiarise my self with the environment first and THEN see IF it works for the P.R. I want to help R. with his music and with Malaise because they are doing nothing when it comes to concerts and such. I don’t think that “myspace” is really going to help for anything but maybe just maybe if you use it right you can make some worthy contacts. I am not adding any loser who is asking me to add so I don’t have the “THANK YOU FOR THE ADD” comments that I hate so much! I have started adding close friends like …. My boyfriend heh (it took me a while to even do this lol) but I found an html code where you’re hiding your contacts heh. So nobody is being advertised from my “myspace” (lol) for FREE ;) So my “myspace” (lol) is put together rather “user friendly” comparing to others I think. The thing though is that you cannot see pictures videos OR write a comment to anybody if you are not a “myspace” member yourself. But I have linked my LJ and my WLS in my information section, so whoever gives a toss is going to go and read and see pictures and leave comment when the time comes.

Eh, what else? I still have not smoked. It is 4 months, 15 days and 12 hours since I smoked my last beautiful cigarette. I still want to smoke. Badly sometimes! Really badly some others. Not at all most of the time. But there are those cigarette moments . . . you know the moments! The cigarette break while you are tidying up your apartment, when you are cooking when you are writing when you are working when you are taking a walk. Also “the ones to go” like: “we smoke this one and we go”, “we smoke this one before we go”, “let’s have this one and then we go”, “one more and then we go I promise” , “Let me finish this and then we go” Oh Lordi, I miss “the ones to go”! I love stalling and now I have no excuse to stall:(

Hmm what else? Oh yes, I have done great in school this year! I’m very proud of myself! I deserve an MVG, which is the higher grade you can get here. The past 2 months you could find me at school any time of the day. Many days I was there for 17 hours in the row, then I’d go home, eat, have a shower and go to bed and then wake up at 07:00 only to go back to my sit. And sometimes it felt as if I never went home. Time stood still but lots of work was done. That is also why I haven’t called or wrote or sms-ed anybody. It might seemed a bit rude but seriously people, I was up to my neck with homework and the little free time I had available I chose to spend with my man instead . . . Sorry people but you know . . . priorities!
And now I’m treating myself a few lazy days before I start doing ANYTHING again.

What else, what else? Well we wave now 2 GIGANTIC flat lcd monitors to both our pc´s. Mine is a wide screen Samsung and Ronnie’s is a 20´ Sony. They are both black and beautiful!
I’m going to watch some silly tv now, eat cookies from my, new black, tin, with sculls on, cookie jar -ish thingy.
And relaaaaaaaaax!

´Till next time, tata!
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