Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

this and that as we go along ...

Two more months on my internship and training :)
In May I'm going to be employed! 
I have decided that the first thing I'll do is buy the Camera and 2 good lenses. The second is either buy my old computer back from the ex or buy a new computer. The ONLY ( I promise you) The ONLY reason I want a stationary computer is because, when the time comes, i want to be prepared for Diablo 3!!! No other reason at all. Laptop is just fine the way I live right now. Or maybe ... should I buy an extravagant laptop? Suggestions are welcome. (THEN I will start paying back my debts)

We are spending some really nice weekends lately, the boyfriend and I. Really nice! Life is just getting better and better. I never thought that one person could make me feel so relaxed and so happy. No expectations and demands. Not really. Take me as I am. We go as we go and "life becomes perhaps worth living".
I could say a lot but I let it to the imagination. The point of this journal is not to reveal the contents of my soul. Is to take you through my journey. Boring, exiting, sad or funny. I have made some really interesting friends here. People who dared to talk to me. People with bizarre interests. People who just wanted to let out some steam. People I actually like. Misanthropes united always make good company ;)

And of course there are those who approached me for all the wrong reasons. I wish them the best and hope they find a path in life that doesn't always lead to disappointment and dead ends. Some people are meant to be together and some people are meant to be alone. Then there are those meant to think they are meant to be with some other people who think they are meant to be with some other people who as it turns out are not meant to be together at all after all ... and so on and so forth ... However, nothing is written in stone and nothing is "meant to be" really ... I'm just fucking with words. The reality is, you make your own destiny. I have changed my life completely and started ALL over from ZERO, twice already! Twice!!! Delete and rewind. If I can do it, anyone can do it! I just hope the right people meet the right people and be happy and content with life. Because if there is one thing I learnt from my father's death, is that it can be ALL taken away from you within just one summer ...
Of course you know that and I knew that ... however knowing is not the same as living it ... seeing it happening. And people around you suffer along. And some of them "break" in the proses and look elsewhere for comfort. Nothing is meant to be. We make our choices in life. I ask for more. I always ask for more. I demand complete and unimpaired devotion. And I give it back double! But that's just me ...

Ah well ...

Life is all about this and some other censored moments :)

... see you on the next entry ...

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