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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

This and that, and diablo, and this and that and diablo again ...

Day off.
Woke up late (09:30) at the boyfriend's apartment. The boyfriend is at work. That means ... I can FINALLY watch the last Harry Potter movie!!! :D
I will write a lil here while waiting for the movie to ... arrive.
Henrik doesn't like fantasy movies. So on my days off I will watch all the cool stuff by myself ;) I do not own a television at my place so I am watching stuff usually on the laptop. But movies I wanna watch on a nice big ass TV. (His TV is exactly the same as the old boyfriend's)

It is a really beautiful spring day and I should be heading outside enjoying the sunshine. But today I will do that on Henrik's balcony, looking at the back of the hobbit house (I will post pictures at some point)

My money situation is still very shaky so I do not yet have the freedom to do all I wanna do. But all that will change in May :D
I am starting to seriousely think of buying a computer. I will need to do a lot of reasearch since all I need it for is play Diablo 3. So it will be a gaming computer and nothing more. I may even sell it after I play the game a couple of times. My room is too small to be occupied by a computer, or any type of equipment. I have enough cables in there as it is. Unless I find some sort of furniture to hide the thing somehow ... I don't know ... Or I will invest on fixing a really good looking Steampunk PC. Well THAT would be freaking amazing!!! :D But THAT, will have to wait for my future apartment where everything will be Steampunked and all the surfaces black :D (inspitation here: The Best Steampunk Gadgets & Devices Ever and here: black walls, although I don't need inspiration for THAT. I know exatly how black I want everything to be)

At work I am now being trained how to manage the store and the employees. How to use manpower, being a good Staff Director and not a dictator (hard to control my urges to kill people by poisoning their food or stabb them in the dressing rooms). I have to suffer fools unfortunately but there is always a price to pay in life isn't there? Well for a misanthrope like me, working at a humanitarian institute like Myrorna is the irony of all ironies no? It's another reason I like my job. It challenge's me to my outmost limits. And that is good. If I don't kill anyone by the end of the year, it means I really do not lack of empathy (as some may think).

I miss my friend.
I went to see him the other day but ... he was't there. Some other asshole was there instead :(
I hope next time I'll get to see him. We have a lot to talk about with Diablo III coming up and all .... :(
Ah well, I hope he is back together with the arrival of the PVP after Diablo III is released :)

My darling boyfriend's been asking what do I want for my birthday (which is soon) ...
All I want is you baby ... although ... well, I really don't know... but a low gift voucher for Science Fiction Bokhandeln wouldn't go to waste :p hehe
I know, it sounds boring. But I read a lot, and to me this may well be as close it can get to the perfect gift ;) (Wow, imagine if all of my friends get me one of those!!! I would be the happiest geek in town!! :D ) Yeah!  As close it can get to the perfect gift!!! Because "I" will buy me THE perfect gift! And that of course is Diablo III Collector's Edition  which is definately the perfect gift! :D However, I can only purchace this in May. But I have decided that THIS is gonna be my birthday gift from myself to me, celebrating 16 years of RPGing :D 
Within 16 years I changed 3 boyfriends ( I know, lame number but I am a devoted idiot what can I say?) But Diablo remained my constant, my partner and friend in Tristram and out.
This whole thing is rather symbolic for me. 16 is a great number. Plus, 
with the third Diablo and the third boyfriend, the dark wanderer wanders no more. 

Henrik is worried I will be isolated with the game and I won't have time for him. Well I may be a social misffit, but baby, I will always have time for you :D (between missions :p)

Now the movie is ready so ... toodles :)

Tags: dear diary, diablo iii, henrik, movies, work

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