Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Happy birthday to me! :D

Why do I wake up at 07:00 in the bleeding morning on my birthday when I have the day off?
Ah well.
It is a beautiful day!
The sky is blue, the sun is shining :)
It is always, ALWAYS, sunshine on my birthday. Always! Even if there is snow, there is a big sun shining!
My father was saying that it was the brightest day with the brightest sun and the birds were singing when I was born. And so it goes on. Every year. Kind of ironic for a darkness lover like me. But I like it! It sets the tone for spring. My birthday always set the tone for my spring and the way the summer will go :)

So today I am celebrating at the  Bishop's Arms on Bellmansgatan.


Yes, the same pub I celebrated last year.
With a sliiiiiiightly different crowd.
Apart from my best friends who will be there as always, some new friends are added to the list, and a completely different boyfriend :)
Life is surely strange, but believe me, all changes are for the better ... True story!

I am happy. I really really am!
Today I reflect in my life and I see that all good always comes back to me. No matter how low, no matter how horrible, no matter how unfortunate life has been sometimes (many times). With disease, mental illness, death, unemployment, cheater boyfriends, betrayal, break ups and more death ... I always get rewarded one way or another in the end.
Right now I am being rewarded with a great job and the best boyfriend ever :)
Even though we are SO different, there are several things we agree on. Apart from the fact that we love each other in "all possible ways". We are politically incorrect totalitarian child-free misanthropes that would do anything for each other! I mean, could I ask for a better deal?
And how lucky was I to meet him?
At a time in my life that I was SO depressed I thought that suicide wasn't even enough to end my misery!
And then, I met him, and my life changed forever!
There isn't a better birthday gift than the gift of this kind of love!

So, happy birthday to me big ears :D

Tags: birthdays, bishop’s arms, happy, henrik, me

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