Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

back to my gothiness ...

The roommate and I had some people over on Saturday, in my bat cave (grin). And we had the cutest visitor dressed in white. Both Henrik and I fell in love with him :D

Here he is: His majesty Gismo :D

(Yes Martin is cute too but I am talking about the creature in the middle of my carpet)

Later, more people arrived and Gismo needed his own sit. Of course he took the velvet pillow with the white pearls on (love)

He had a nice long chat with Ratty the Really Scary Rat ...

... but then he got bored and went on looking at himself in the mirror (big smile)

"mmm ... I am like a drop of milk inside a fly"
Next day I went to the boyfriend's place
. With the opportunity being in the south I visited mother and the cat with no name.
Oh yes she has a name ... it is cat.

It's great being with the boyfriend at his place! More than great! It is incredible! More than incredible! It is divine! (smile)
However, it feels so motherfucking fantastic being back in my gothiness ... in my blackness. I am suffering from "blackness withdrawal" (just made that up) when I am away for too long.
Ah now that is much better! (big big big smile)

Ah I feel so relaxed ... little wine maybe? mmmm yeah ... I think so :)

Life is good god damn it! When it's not sucking ass, it's really fucking good!
It is fucking great!
Every day I feel such an exuberance. Everything is so new, so exciting, so ... fresh ... real ... genuine ...
Love ... everything is fucking love!

No pressure, no doubts, no questions asked ... fucking love loving fuck and the rest have fucked off a long time ago. (grin some more)

Mmmmm wine and blackness ... now the only thing missing is a little graphic portrayal of gore and mushhhhhh :)
Oooo here we are ... movie ...


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