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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
... the Treasure of Sierra Madre 
28th-Apr-2012 09:13 am
One minus one plus ...

- Being a supervisor is fucking exhausting. Being a supervisor for a bunch of 50s (ppl with IQ 50) is a fucking torture. Saturdays are better though cause I get to do more of the stuff I want instead of trying to teach the morons how to clean a shelf or how to hang a belt. Can you believe this? I had to have a 30 minutes conversation with that moron about hanging belts. In the end I told her "just do as you told". Fuck.

+ Today I will finally open the two enormous boxes full of cameras and lenses. Oh boy I am existed. It has been waiting there for me for 2 weeks. Damn, it's like Christmas. One of the many things I LOVE about my job is that I get to open all those boxes. And that tiny moment when you think you've found the treasure of Sierra Madre, it is a treasure by itself.

The minus is not unbearable though ;) It gives me material for the "making fun of people" part of my day. Plus all this multicultural experience, meeting people from all over the world everyday, is just establishing all the stereotypes. AAAAALLLL the behavioral stereotypes. Sometimes stereotypes are just statistics you know ...
Again I will not say more cause again I will be accused for being a racist ... because some people can't take that big stick out from their ASS. So all I will say now is, well if you wanna have something up your ass honey, then why don't you try a penis? It might even be rewarding!

Off to work in the search for the Treasure of Sierra Madre ... and I hope it is not grit :D

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