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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
I am taking back all I said about him being a worthless ... 
13th-Jun-2012 05:25 pm
He is an old Nikon.
I am taking back all I said about him being a worthless Crapkon. He is an ok camera.
(I am still buying a Canon though)
Since I am still getting to know mister Nikon, his colors are a wee bit off and boring, plus the sun was coming and going and I got a bit too impatient trying to figure out how to change some things fast. So I had pretty basic settings and then I felt had to play a bit with Photoshoping-ish here and there, to make it all a wee more interesting. I am hoping to keep him a lil while longer to play around a bit ...

Ok this is Medborgarplatsen last Sunday. They just set up the Ferris Wheel and I got melancholy! Yet full with good feelings.I then walked all the way into the city. In the train back home a couple of hours later I wrote a song :)

But enough talk. Here is some play ...

For our 9th anniversary I want us to get on that before everything else :)

To the left, (still) my favorite building of all Stockholm!!!


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