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Everything goes to hell...
bah ... 
18th-Jul-2012 08:27 am
Do I HAVE to have nightmares?
And if I do, do the need to be so graphic?
Either my dad is back from the dead in a zombie state and still dying. Or my sister is dead and I have to tell everyone the bad news.
Now, in this dream my sister was killed by a gay dude because his boyfriend was cheating with her. (Of course there must be some intrigue and  a sope opera touch to it.)
But seriously it was so real it was horrible. I used to dream dreams like that about my dad and I used to dream dreams like that about my previous relationship.
So, so far my dreams have come true one way or another. So it kinda freaks me out. Of course I can not predict the future. But still a dream can dominate your mood. And if you are unlucky enough and it comes true ... you are psycho-screwed.

Ah well ... I just hope my sister won't piss off the wrong gay now while she is in greece.

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