Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

10 years "I am still home"

Today it is 10 years since I moved in this extraordinary country! :D
It was a sunny day like today.
I traveled with my then new boyfriend through Prague with a long wait between flights so when we arrived we were exhausted. Boyfriend helped me carry my suitcase(s) at my sister's and left. 

I was so happy I could not rest.I sat in my sister's garden and breathed in the air and looked around all this green and I gazed at the lake on the other side and I thought : "I am finally home"

I wish today I could celebrate the way I was planning to, but circumstances have made it impossible.
However I WILL celebrate! With my now new boyfriend :)
I will go to Bishop's Arms on Bellmansgatan right after work for a celebratory (preferably Swedish) beer (about 20:00)
You who live close and are in the mood, can drop by for a cheers.
I love you all, my Swedish gang, my little vikings all over town :)
Even if you won't come by, even you who don't come by no more, even you who I so rarely see, because life is in the way, I still love you all :D

I am more in love with Sweden for everyday that passes. And I am more grateful for every breath of clean air I take.
For every breath. For every breath. For every "breath"
People in my life may come and go.
Jobs may change, homes may change, relationships may disappear. But Sweden will always be here for me. Wife, lover, mother!

Heja Sverige!

Me 10 years ago :)

Och rätt låt som för mig, den luktar, låter och smakar Sverige :)

Tags: anniversary, dear diary, me, sweden

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